GRAVITY | Scott Bikes


This is a spec-ad and was not commissioned by Scott.

DP: Zack Patrick & Jake Baine

Driver & Grip: Sebastian Lundgren

Athlete: Alex Colorito

Edit: Jake Baine

Color: Jake Baine

My buddy Zack invited me out to get some reps on the Tilta Hydra and new DJI Transmission system out in Malibu a few weeks ago. We our athlete Alex bomb down some hills while Sebastian drove ahead of him with the RED Komodo on the Hydra in the back. Zack and I both traded runs controlling the camera and it was a ton of fun. It was challenging to track Alex on the windy roads but with more practice we were nailing it more and more.

The Komodo's global shutter sensor worked wonders on this shoot with the speed we were traveling. We shot this on DZO Vespids to keep low on weight as well. Super happy with how this one came out!

Komodo used for 99% of the film. FX3 used for occasional cutaways.